The DoD Stock Readiness Program (SRP) is established through DLAI 4145.4/AR 740-3/AFMAN 23-125 (IP)/NAVSUPINST 4400.110A/MCO 4450.15A, Joint Service Instruction, Stock Readiness (SR). It is a DoD program involving the tasks needed to assure that the proper condition of materiel in storage is known and reported, that the condition is properly recorded, and that the materiel is properly provided with adequate packaging protection to prevent any degradation to lower batch codes. SR concerns itself with the in-storage inspection, minor repair, and packaging aspects associated with these efforts.
Joint Service Instruction AR 740-3 also charters the Defense Stock Readiness Group (DSRG). The DSRG is a forum established to develop and recommend changes to policy and guidance on SR, including the care of supplies in storage (COSIS) throughout the Military Services and DLA. HQ DLA designee is the permanent chair of the DSRG. PSCC represents Army via the DSRG and at DoD SR meetings to ensure Army interests are considered and are not adversely impacted due to any proposed policy or procedural changes with respect to SR.

Similar to the DoD SRP, the AMC Stock Readiness Program is an Army program which ensures the condition of materiel in storage is known, the condition is recorded correctly, and the materiel is preserved properly to prevent degradation. SRP functions include in-storage inspection and repackaging of damaged or degraded packaging, and the periodic inspection and sustainment of long-life reusable containers (LLRC). The AMC SRP focuses on operations at the Army Field Support Battalions (AFSBns) and/or Army's Logistics Readiness Centers' (LRC) Installation Supply Support Activities (ISSA).

PSCC oversees and administers the AMC SRP. PSCC provides funding to AFSBns and LRC's for packaging tools, materials and SRP labor. PSCC also funds to the AR 700-37, Packaging of Army Materiel, requirement for training which requires one personnel (Department of Army Civilians or contractor) per Army packaging operation (Stock Readiness Program site) to take the PACK-1B, Military Preservation and Packaging for Storage and Shipment, training provided by the Defense Ammunition Center. AFSBns and LRCs that participate in the SRP report their SRP execution and purchases to PSCC through the Stock Readiness Data Portal.  PSCC also monitors and inspects AFSBn's and LRC's packaging and distribution operations for compliance to Army regulations and SRP guidance.

PSCC Preservation and COSIS Technical Manuals are available from the LDAC ETM Repository. Click link below, in Search Type field select "PUB NUMBER", in Search Criteria field enter desired TM number exactly (i.e. TM 38-8145-706 or TM 38-8145-709). A CAC card is required.
TM 38-8145-706 Preservation of Army Materiel In Storage
TM 38-8145-709 Care of Supplies in Storage of Army Materiel

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