Domestic Standardization

LEAD STANDARDIZATION ACTIVITY – AREA PACK, FSG 81, and FSCs 8105/8110/8115/8125/8135 and 8150
The ASC Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center (PSCC) serves as the Lead Standardization Activity (LSA) for AREA PACK; FSG 81; FSCs 8105/8110/8115/8125/8135 and 8150 under the Defense Standardization Program (DSP). As a DoD LSA, PSCC oversees the overall management of specifications, standards, handbooks, commercial item descriptions, and non-Government standards (NSGs) under the assignments within the DSP and can assist your activity in meeting your domestic standardization requirements. PSCC manages and coordinates standardization efforts to ensure the highest degree of standardization is achieved across DoD. 

Preparing Activity
PSCC serves a DoD Preparing Activity for DoD standardization documents .  We are responsible for preparing, coordinating and issuing revisions or changes to assigned documents under the DSP

Army Custodian
We represent the Army on technical issues involving assigned standardization documents and work with the Preparing Activities to resolve their essential comments.

DoD Reviewing Activity
PSCC serves as a Reviewing Activity for standardization documents. We provide technical review of standardization documents and submit comments to the Preparing Activity.

DoD Adopting Activity – Non-Government Standards (NGSs)
As a DoD adopting activity, we have the responsibility for the DoD adoption and coordination with the preparing body of NGSs related to packaging processes and materials. We also review proposed adoptions by other DoD activities. PSCC participates as an Army representative on numerous non-government committees and organizations.

Military Coordinating Activity
PSCC acts as a Military Coordinating Activity for all federal standardization documents with a recorded DoD interest which deal with packaging materials, methods, or processes. The General Supply Administration, Federal Supply Service, is the Civil Agency responsible for all federal documents.

For additional information or questions please contact:  Domestic Standardization at PSCC

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