ASC PSCC, as the AMC responsible office for shelf life management since 1992, is the Army's voice in the DoD shelf-life program, as mandated by DoD Manual 4140.01, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Procedures (Volume 5) and implemented by DoDM 4140.27 Volume 1, DoD Shelf-Life Management Program: Program Administration, and Volume 2, Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards. Our involvement in this critical DoD effort is total, covering policy, oversight, standardization, communication, coordination and technical guidance. The DoD Shelf-Life program currently has the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) serving as the program director, and PSCC acting as the Department of the Army singular representative on the DoD Shelf-Life Board. The Board also includes, along with DLA, representatives from each of the Military Services, and the General Services Administration, thus giving it a full DoD representation.  PSCC also ensures that special and more stringent shelf-life requirements in areas including foreign military sales, army pre- positioned stock and medical supplies are met.  Benefits from effective management of this important program include improved materiel readiness, increased safety, environmental protection and cost savings for disposal and procurement.

PSCC serves as the Army focal point for shelf-life guidance, training, automated systems, and field assistance requests. We are always ready to assist Army activities such as yourselves who are attempting to determine the remaining shelf-life on extendable shelf-life (Type II) materiel including, as examples, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) protective equipment, supply class III packaged POL, and paints/sealants/adhesives, to name but a few. We will assist in the research of national stock numbers (NSNs) to determine if an item's shelf-life may be extended, and provide the applicable extended shelf-life dates, inspect/test criteria and procedures, and marking and labeling requirements.

DOD Shelf-life Course: This course sets forth the policy, principles, standards, instructions, functions, and procedures that apply for management, identification, care, and storage of shelf-life items. It is designed to provide personnel with applicable regulatory guidance for quality control and inspection functions related to the following areas: receipt inspection or processing, scheduling of storage surveillance inspections, inspection marking requirements, lab testing, preparation of documentation, and shipment and disposal of shelf-life materiel. Practical exercises and a team-based capstone project are provided that thoroughly tests students' understanding of Shelf-Life (SL) as they identify a multitude of real-world SL errors and determine the correct course of action. Upon graduation, students are presented with a DoD Shelf-life Training Certificate of Completion

ATRRS: School Code: 399    Course Number: 01PSCC-SL03
This is a resident two day course taught at PSCC and is open to all DoD

FY24 Class Schedule:
2Q Class #001: 26-27 MAR 2024:
4Q Class #002: 16-17 JUL  2024:

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