Storage Space Management

As the Army Storage Space Reporting Administrator, ASC PSCC provides expertise in the reporting and validation of available and occupied Army storage space worldwide. This data is a critical factor used in Base Realignment and Closure reviews and is used by Congress in determining requirements for new storage facility construction. We provide on-site support in preparing mandatory storage space reports, designing storage space planographs, and in providing guidance to your personnel in storage space reporting. We also support Army installations to ensure they are reimbursed for storing Strategic and Critical Materials and Army Inventory Control Points when problems arise with storage bills.

Also see "Storage and Distribution Analysis FAQs" section


Storage Space Management Report (DD Form 805)

Army installations with covered storage space of 50,000 gross square feet or more must file a Storage Space Management Report, DD Form 805, in accordance with AR 740-1, Storage and Supply Activity Operations, and TM 38-400, Joint Service Manual for Storage and Materials Handling. Accuracy of the report is essential since it is the only report within DoD and Army, which provides visibility of storage space utilization. DoD and Congress use the report in the evaluation of installations for Base Realignment and Closure and requests for construction of new storage facilities.

ASC PSCC provides expertise in the reporting and validation of worldwide Army storage space requirements and use. PSCC manages the collection and dissemination of Army storage space data reported via the DD Form 805. PSCC audits Army installations on a continuing basis in order to ensure that accurate storage space data are being maintained and will provide reporting assistance upon request.

Strategic & Critical Materials Report

ASC PSCC serves as Army Materiel Command’s executive agent for strategic and critical material. Army installations may seek reimbursement for the costs associated with management and maintenance of materials stored on behalf of the Defense National Stockpile Center (DNSC). The responsibility for centrally managing these reimbursements was assigned to PSCC.

A one-stop-shop has been established at PSCC for strategic and critical material. Any questions regarding DNSC material stored at Army installations should be directed to PSCC.
Storage Planograph Development

Planographs are a graphical representation of a storage and distribution facility, depicting functional areas and storage aids. AR 740-1, Storage and Supply Activity Operations, 2-3, requires Army installations to maintain and display planographs for each open storage area and storage building. Planographs are a useful tool to aid in tabulation the data required for reporting storage space on the DD 805 Storage Space Management Report (SSMR). The SSMR is a baseline of the supply facility’s operational capability. This information can and has been used to determine installation capabilities and limitations for Base Realignment and Closure decisions. It also provides information which allows the headquarters element to make informed decisions on facility occupancy. Contact us for assistance with storage space reporting methods and tools such as planographs.
Army Storage Bill Verification

DLA provides storage and distribution services for Army-owned assets stored at DLA Distribution facilities worldwide. Some of these are co-located with, and support, Army maintenance depots. Although DLA does not charge for storage space, DLA does bill Army for the cost of the storage services provided, allocated based on the cubic volume of assets in storage using a Discrete Pricing and Net Landed Cost methodology.

ASC PSCC has developed a program to monitor the Army storage bill received from DLA. PSCC performs on-site reviews at DLA Distribution facilities to verify packaged item dimensions, type storage codes, storage conditions, care of supplies in storage and other cost drivers that have a direct or indirect effect on the Army storage bill. PSCC works with DLA facility personnel and DLA’s Global Weight and Cube Manager to correct any errors and deficiencies found.
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