LEAD Service Testing Frequently Asked Questions

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A. PSCC tests the following materials: adhesives; preservation materials; barrier materials; boxes, wood and wire bound; boxes and sheet stock, fiberboard; pallets, other than metal; tapes; marking and labeling materials; desiccant materials; tags, document protectors, packing lists; and bags and sacks.

A. PSCC tests the following processes: unitization systems (MIL-STD-147); stretch wrap systems; shrink wrap systems; marking and labeling systems; vacuum formed thermoplastic systems; cold-seal packaging systems; dehumidification systems; plastic wrap system; and plastic bag/package forming systems.
A. Please contact PSCC at DSN 795-7756/7649 to discuss your testing requirements.
A. Chapter 6, Joint regulation AR 700-15, Packaging of Materiel, details lead service responsibilities for testing and evaluating packaging materials and processes
A. All packaging materials and processes must meet strict military specifications and standards. If you find a commercial packaging material or process that may have military applications, please contact ASC PSCC. PSCC will conduct a battery of tests to ensure the packaging material/process is in compliance, or develop a new specification/standard if required.