LEAD Service Testing Frequently Asked Questions

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 Q. What types of packaging materials does PSCC test?

A. PSCC tests the following materials: adhesives; preservation materials; barrier materials; boxes, wood and wire bound; boxes and sheet stock, fiberboard; pallets, other than metal; tapes; marking and labeling materials; desiccant materials; tags, document protectors, packing lists; and bags and sacks.

 Q. What types of packaging processes does PSCC test?
A. PSCC tests the following processes: unitization systems (MIL-STD-147); stretch wrap systems; shrink wrap systems; marking and labeling systems; vacuum formed thermoplastic systems; cold-seal packaging systems; dehumidification systems; plastic wrap system; and plastic bag/package forming systems.
 Q. How do I request testing for packaging materials and processes listed above?
A. Please contact PSCC at DSN 795-7756/7649 to discuss your testing requirements.
 Q. The material/process is not one of the ones listed above. How can I find out who does the testing?
A. Chapter 6, Joint regulation AR 700-15, Packaging of Materiel, details lead service responsibilities for testing and evaluating packaging materials and processes
 Q. I read online about a new type of protective bag that are commercially available. Are they okay to use?
A. All packaging materials and processes must meet strict military specifications and standards. If you find a commercial packaging material or process that may have military applications, please contact ASC PSCC. PSCC will conduct a battery of tests to ensure the packaging material/process is in compliance, or develop a new specification/standard if required.