PSCC is the Responsible Office for Army Materiel Command's vital and proactive packaging policy management program. We author two of the most critical documents used in establishing standardization of packaging requirements, policy, procedures, and program throughout the DoD. They are DoD Joint Regulation, AR 700-15/NAVSUPINST 4030.28E/AFJMAN 24-206/MCO 4030.33E/DLAD 4145.7, Packaging of Materiel, and DA Pamphlet, 700-32, Packaging of Army Materiel. Together these documents establish DoD policy on development of uniform requirements for the packaging of materiel acquired, stored, or shipped. This policy is executed through the two preeminent packaging policy bodies in DoD and the Army. PSCC provides the Army representative to the Defense Packaging Policy Group (DPPG), which is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and is a member of the Army Packaging Policy Work Group (APPWG), with PSCC as the Deputy Chair to the HQ DA G-4 representative since its formation in 2001.

On-site support assistance is available in the form of Single Stock Fund (SSF) assessment visits, assistance to deploying units, and field assistance visits. During SSF visits, PSCC representatives assess packaging for conformance to SSF requirements. Those same representatives, often in league with PSCC HAZMAT personnel and Major Subordinate Command packaging people, provide basic packaging guidelines to units for rapid deployment. Finally, extensive on-site field assistance reviews of packaging operations is yet another PSCC assistance option. Here, PSCC evaluates on-hand packaging materials and equipment and provides listings of packaging documents and publications to packaging personnel. Representatives also review existing packaging Statements of Work and Standard Operating Procedures and ensure that required packaging practices and procedures are being properly implemented. In addition, PSCC will assess packaging personnel expertise and recommend any training requirements needed and will provide packaging data for any number of SSF national stock numbers. With our technical expertise and knowledge base, we can bring your operations into conformance with Army Transformation objectives and SSF and Velocity Management business practices. See the Packaging Assistance Request Form, (where is this form?) at this website, for a complete list of packaging areas of assistance.

PSCC provides an Army representative to the DoD Shelf-Life Program Board. This Board evaluates the overall shelf-life program; resolves shelf-life problems; and issues shelf-life policy, procedures, and guidelines. PSCC is also the Army focal point for shelf-life information, training, automated systems, and field assistance requests. As a result of our efforts, DA was able to reduce disposal and hazardous wastes costs, increase materiel readiness, and foster personnel safety. Please use the shelf-life request form at this website to request additional information to have your shelf-life questions answered.

PACK 2 Military Packaging Design Course: PSCC teaches a resident eight-day course open to all DoD personnel who wish to learn the proper way to protect military assets from shock, vibration and austere environmental conditions. The course provides students with a balance of theory, practical knowledge and hands on experience. Students work in small groups to complete a capstone assignment requiring design, building and testing of effective packaging solutions for fragile military items. 

ATRRS: School Code: 399    Course Number: 01PSCC-PK02
FY22 Class Schedule:
2Q Class #002: 25 Jan - 03 Feb 2022
- Request student enrollment NLT: 15 Dec 2021
- Temporary network access information packets due NLT: 04 Jan 2022  

3Q Class #003 26 Apr - 05 May 2022
- Request student enrollment NLT: 16 Mar 2022.
- Temporary network access information packets due NLT: 01 Apr 2022. 

4Q Class #004: 19 Jul - 28 Jul 2022
- Request student enrollment NLT: 9 Jun 2022.
- Temporary network access information packets due NLT: 01 Jul 2022. 
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•   Packaging FAQs

Below are a few of the most common Packaging Regulations:

DoDI 4140.01, DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Policy

DoDM 4140.01Supply Chain Management Material Procedures:  Materiel Programs

DLM 4000.25, Supply Standards & Procedures, Chapter 17, Supply Discrepancy Reporting

AR 700-15, Packaging of Materiel

AR 740-3, DoD Stock Readiness Program

MIL-STD-129, Military Marking for Shipment & Storage

MIL-STD-147 Palletized Unit Loads

MIL-STD-2073-1, Standard Practice for Military Packaging

MIL-HDBK-773, Electrostatic Discharge Protective Packaging

MIL-HDBK-775, Procedures for Foam-In-Place Packaging

ASTM D3951, Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging

DA PAM 700-32, Packaging of Army Materiel

AR 700-37Packaging of Army Materiel