Shelf-Life Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Go to DoD users will be able to access all shelf-life information when using a .mil network domain computer and with a Common Access Card (CAC) , while public users will need to request a login ID & password and will have some information access restrictions. This comprehensive DoD shelf life program web site allows access to the Shelf-Life Extension System (SLES), policy, publications, announcements, point of contact information, and a great deal of other important information.

A. You will not be able to access the DoD Shelf-Life Program Intranet website, however, you can access the Internet Public Website. Most information is read-only access, but if you want access to DoD Shelf-Life Extension System (SLES), you will need to request a user ID and password. Click on the SLES link and you will see the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Web Credentials Login page. On this page, select Request a SLES Account. Complete the form, ensuring that the mandatory fields are complete and accurate, then submit. You will receive a confirmation message to the email address you provided almost instantly. The authorizing personnel will get back to you as soon as possible, but this process can take 1-2 weeks. You will be notified of a decision, positive or negative, to the email address you provided. If you have received no emails, please use the Feedback Form on the site to request status or submit and email connection.
A. Yes, but only for those items that require certified laboratory testing, and not visual inspection only. This is available within the DoD SLES, available on the DoD Shelf-Life Program home page. The Quality Status List (QSL) is the listing of DoD-approved laboratory-tested items identified by NSN, lot/batch number, and contract number, along with the test results. If your item matches the identification on the QSL and has been stored in accordance with the appropriate storage standards and passes any additionally specified visual inspections, the QSL test results are your authority to extend your materiel. Items requiring visual inspection only will need to be locally inspected based on the criteria contained in the Material Quality Control Storage Standards data within the SLES.