Equipment & Capabilities - Hot Lab

 Located in a space adjacent to the main container lab is the room referred to as our “Hot Lab”. The Hot Lab contains   pieces of equipment which are used for exposure to particular environmental conditions. The most predominate   pieces of equipment are our salt fog/salt spray cabinets. These machines allow for computer controlled cyclic   exposure to both salt fog and salt spray, which is used for the evaluation of materials in dry, humid, or immersive   corrosive environments
 The lab is also equipped with a multi-weight melt flow tester used to measure the melt flow rate and melt flow volume   of materials. This machine can perform simple manual test procedures, as well as semi-automated multiple weight   tests, and fully complies with ASTM D1238, Procedures A thru D and ISO 1133, A and B.

 For leakproofness submersion testing and exposure to low pressure altitudes, the hot lab has two small package   testing chambers. Typical testing includes small, single unit UN-rated packagings and flexible barrier materials and   bags.


In addition, the hot lab has two cabinets for exposure to the degrading effects of light. The first is a fluorescent, ultra-violet light and condensation cabinet, and the second is a xenon-arc cabinet.