The Army Sustainment Command's Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center (ASC PSCC) provides acquisition and logistics support to the DoD community in association with the Army Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems Product Leader for Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (PL AMIS).
The PSCC AIT laboratory operates current DoD AIT equipment, evaluates new AIT equipment for potential DoD use, and supports Contract Change Proposals (CCPs – formally ECPs). It provides demonstrable equipment displays for potential users throughout DoD. Additionally, the laboratory gives users the ability to simulate “real-world” problems and offer appropriate solutions in lieu of a site visit.

Examples of technologies, implementations, and assistance available include: Bar Coding, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Item Unique Identification Validation and Verification, Bar Code Printing, Wireless Access Points/Gateways, Optical Memory Card, PC Card, and Smart Card Technologies.

• Provide directed field and customer support to all DoD services and activities and other Federal agencies with respect to all types of AIT initiatives, equipment issues, functional AIT equipment operation, program development, prototype support, and equipment troubleshooting

• AIT Hardware and Software Procurement Assistance

• Perform Physical and Functional AIT Equipment Configuration Audits (PCAs/FCAs)

• Conduct AIT site visits and develop feasibility reports, information papers and point papers, and assist in proof of principle tests

• Proposed AIT systems are analyzed to determine the most cost-effective approach

• Determine appropriate courses of action with regard to current and emerging AIT initiatives


For an on-site AIT familiarization briefing or assistance email: